Hello and welcome!

Hello dear readers,

My name is Julia. I’m a freelance editor and writer over at www.jgilstein-editing.com. Feel free to check out the site! It’s still in the works, but you can learn more about me and the services I offer there. What am I doing on WordPress? I’ve decided it’s high time I publish blog entries in relation to my business and my life’s passion: words.

Though I’ve called myself a writer and editor for years now, I’m relatively new to the business of freelancing. I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner. Get paid for doing what I love? Yes, please! Last year, my contract with an educational publisher ended. I became one of the many people desperately searching for a new full-time job, every day a battle against the poor job market. Then I said to myself, “You know what, self? I have valuable skills I can offer to just about anyone. Clear communication is so important!” And that is how JGilstein Editing got started. Well, maybe not in those exact words.

That said, blogging is nothing new to me. I’ve kept up at least one personal blog ever since my mid-adolescent years. (Any other old school Livejournal users out there?) So, how is this blog different? Instead of “this is what I did today” updates or “[insert rant here]” meant for a select audience of friends, I’ll be opening up to anyone who feels like following my Adventures in Freelance. As of now, I envision this blog covering topics about adjusting to the life of a freelancer: setting up a business, marketing that business, working from home, etc. etc. I also plan to post writing/editing tips and other related bits of interest.

The three main goals for this blog:

  • To be informative
  • To be entertaining
  • To post at least once a week, more once I get into the swing of things

Thank you in advance for following my blog, for sharing it with friends, for leaving comments—a great forum for discussion, by the way—and for being an awesome supporter!

Until next time,



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