Working from Home: The Perks

Last week, we covered the not-so-fun topic of plagiarism. To give you some variety, this week’s post is a bit silly. Though I promise it’s useful, too.

Being your own boss has a lot of advantages. Below are just a few of them—most of which apply to working from home in general.

You can:

  • Choose what assignments you want to work on.
  • Spend as much or as little time on a project as you want, depending on client deadlines.

    Less need to do this at people interrupting. (Bernard, Black Books)

  • Set your own work times: Mornings just don’t do it for you? Don’t work in the morning! Maybe you work best at 2 a.m., or 10 p.m., or 6 a.m., or…you get the idea. You might prefer to work for a couple of hours, go run an errand, go for a run, and then work for another couple of hours.
  • Cut your commute time down to zero. Okay, maybe a few seconds to at least get from your breakfast table to your work desk.
  • Spend more time with your loved ones when you work your schedule around them.
  • Play loud music or work in total silence. During your breaks, you can sing at the top of your lungs and scare the neighbors/the mailman/the neighbor’s cat with your funky dance moves.

    Juliette gets a little too into it. (Psych)

  • Sit at a desk, stand at a desk, run in place, perch on a balance ball…whatever works best for you. No one will give you a weird look for spinning around in your chair multiple times.

    You can make silly faces, too. (Charlie McDonnell, aka Charlieiscoollike)

  • Eat stinky food for lunch: fish, curry, whatever has a strong scent. No workers are around to complain.


  • Work in your pajamas. Work naked! (No one needs to know.)
  • Get your ideas flowing while running on the treadmill or singing in the shower.
  • Do errands mid-day, cook, do your laundry, etc. As long as you get in a full-day of work at some point during the earth’s 24-hour rotation, it doesn’t matter what you schedule when.

Overall, you’ll have a lot less stress and be a happier person. 🙂

Just don't get so stressed that your work turns into your pajamas.

Today’s post has been brought to you by Black Books, Psych, Charlieiscoollike, and possibly too much time spent laughing at silly animated gifs.


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